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"Professional and fastidious … devoted to understanding our organization's mission and our hopes for each piece of material we produce, which allows us to present our work to the community and to the country in the most meaningful and effective way." - Alison Faulknor, managing director, Dominion Institute

STRONG FINISH offers the following services (as defined by the Writers’ Union of Canada and Editors Canada): manuscript evaluation, substantive/structural editing, stylistic editing/line editing/editing ESL, copy editing, proofreading, and copywriting.

Manuscript Evaluation
As much as you may feel done after completing your first draft, don’t let yourself off the hook. At this stage, an agent or publisher will typically provide a professional writer with a dedicated editor to scrutinize the manuscript and offer comprehensive notes toward revision. Most unpublished writers, however, need to find this help independently. So POLISH YOUR PROSE LIKE THE PROS with a manuscript evaluation from the best in the business.

STRONG FINISH will read your entire manuscript and provide a multi-page critique that:

1. comments on the content, including characterization, dialogue, setting, believability, and research
2. comments on the writing technique, including technical ability and style
3. suggests steps to further develop the manuscript
4. responds to three particular questions submitted by the author (optional).

Please note: Evaluation of a manuscript and subsequent changes or suggestions followed by the author do not guarantee acceptance by an agent or publisher.

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Substantive/Structural Editing
The substantive/structural phase of editing typically follows through on the points raised in a manuscript evaluation, as writer and editor work closely together to focus and strengthen a manuscript for consideration by literary agents and/or publishing houses. Our substantive/structural editing service includes:

•  clarifying and/or reorganizing a manuscript/project for content and structure
•  suggesting or drafting changes for the author
•  may include negotiating changes with author.

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Stylistic/Line Editing/Editing ESL
Once the "big picture" editing is complete, it's time to consider tone, style, and flow. Our stylistic/line editing service includes:

•  clarifying meaning, eliminating jargon, smoothing language, and other non-mechanical line-by-line editing
•  may include checking or correcting reading level, creating or recasting tables and/or figures, negotiating changes with author.
•  For ESL authors, we ensure that your English is correct and effective while retaining your meaning and style.

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Copy Editing
Getting down to the nuts'n'bolts of language, our copy-editing service includes:

•  editing for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and other mechanics of style; checking for consistency of mechanics and internal consistency of facts; marking head levels and approximate placement of art; notifying designer of any unusual production requirements
•  may include applying Canadian, American, or British style; metrication; providing or changing system of citations; writing or editing captions and/or credit lines; writing running heads; listing permissions needed and/or obtaining them; providing or editing prelims, back matter, cover copy and/or CIP data; may also include negotiating changes with author
•  may include fact-checking: checking accuracy of facts and/or quotes by reference to original sources used by author and/or from other sources
•  may include mark-up/coding: adding designer-written specifications for typesetter or formatter.

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As the last stage of quality control, proofreading ensures that your text is error-free, your style and format are consistent, and your message is maximized. Our proofreading service includes:

•  reading proofs against edited copy to catch typos and formatting errors; may include incorporating and/or exercising discretion on author's alterations, flagging locations of art and page references, and verifying html or other style codes
•  proofing may include checking adherence to the design sample (including accuracy of running heads, folios, and changes made to type in the design sample); checking page breaks and location of art; and inserting page numbers to table of contents and cross-references if necessary
•  may also include checking press proofs.

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Effective copywriting persuades your audience to act, whether it's to buy a product or to subscribe to an idea. Our copywriting services include:

•  advertising material and
•  corporate/business writing.

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